House on the Golden Shoal

The Lost of San Francisco gather in a place called the House of the Golden Shoal on Treasure Island and so named is the Freehold that rules the area. There are various trods in and out of the San Francisco bay area hedge which has lead to a large population. The Monarchy maintains civil relations amongst themselves so that all those who are Lost may prosper.


Queen Madge of the Onyx court lives a faceless life amongst the transient homeless population. Her court is potent and wealthy despite the humble appearances it presents.

Dr.Magnus Werner is the King of the Ashen court though he prefers his professional address to his royal titles. He once waged a war some decades ago against the other Monarches weilding the fear of epidemic and ostracism to make heavy claims amongst the territory of San Francisco. Peace was hard fought but has long lasted.

“Rowdy” Yark rules the Crimson court with a whimsy unknown to most Summer soldiers. By all accounts obessed by sports of all kinds. Football supposedly yields his favorite flavor of glamour. All private meetings with the King are held at Candlestick park. It is whispered the gregarious Summer king also loves a riot.

Rajahar the Deaf, despite his official form of address the Spring King is not in fact deaf. A patron of the arts who has strived to enrich the culture of the city even to the point of crucifying those who disappoint below the Golden Gate bridge.

House on the Golden Shoal

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